Narcissistic Abuse Recovery App

Introducing an all-new, always accessible on-demand support system designed to help you recover from narcissistic abuse in a toxic relationship. 

New technology meets healing from narcissistic abuse in this app. Featuring an innovative, convenient, and private way to heal from toxic relationships, this digital program of tracking, self-help, and personal growth exercises is designed to offer ongoing support for a survivor of narcissistic abuse seeking support on their journey to healing from trauma and grief.

Get fast, trauma-informed, personalized coaching now with this new app to help you move past toxic relationships and start living the life you deserve!



Helps you heal faster so you can get on with your life.

The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery App is customized to meet your needs, from the very first time you download it. It keeps evolving as you move forward in your healing journey with features like communal support groups, blog posts, inspirational podcasts, healing tools, and targeted workouts for every area of your life impacted by narcissism.

This is the power of the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery App. It helps you find the healing resources that are best for your situation and helps you move forward in your recovery at the pace that’s right for you.

Designed by an experienced narcissistic abuse recovery coach, this innovative app is the only one that provides full therapeutic support to help you recover.

Easy to use. Easy to afford. Easier to take your life back, starting right now.


Narcissistic Abuse Recovery on Your Time

When you’ve experienced narcissistic abuse, you might find yourself plagued by negative memories and thoughts, and plagued by confusion about how to overcome the pain and heal – all while grieving the loss of the relationship – and this app can help.

Narcissistic abuse is a complex issue and often goes misunderstood. Now, you can have access to a support network of people who “get it,” and you can get help when you need it most.


A Digital Toolkit to Help You Through the Process of Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery App is a powerful tool to decrease dysfunctional and disturbing thoughts, negative self-talk, and confusing emotions associated with the trauma of narcissistic abuse.

Its unique approach evolves as you do. A full range of emotion-regulation tools is provided to help you create a life you love today… and every day after.

The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery App can help you recover from the trauma of your narcissistic abuse experience and reclaim your life.

A new, innovative, and ‘out of the box’ way for survivors of narcissistic abuse to find their most authentic and empowered self and chart a path to fearless freedom.

Here to support you.

My name is Angie Atkinson. I’m a survivor of narcissistic abuse, as well as the author of more than 20 books on the topic, a well-known YouTube creator and TikTok creator, and a certified trauma coach.

With the help of my narcissistic abuse recovery support team,

I have created a supportive worldwide narcissistic abuse recovery support system and community.

Through our work, my team and I are committed to making your narcissistic abuse recovery as easy and painless as possible.


Our home base is, where we offer a wide range of individualized narcissistic abuse recovery services, over the phone and online, all designed to support you in narcissistic abuse recovery.

Through this Narcissistic Abuse Recovery app, we offer an innovative tool to help you find comfort, support, and guidance as you navigate the rough waters of recovering from narcissistic abuse in a toxic relationship.

Having to deal with the aftermath of a toxic relationship is something that can be extremely trying. Fortunately, this app provides guidance, support, and encouragement every step of the way in your recovery journey.

All the tools and strategies you need to succeed as you seek healing and recovery from toxic relationships. You can recover faster and live a happier, healthier — and more empowered — life!

You’ll feel empowered, not helpless or hopeless! You’ll be able to take back control of your own life! You’ll experience freedom from the fear and anxiety of being controlled by another person!

What are you waiting for?

Our brand new narcissistic abuse recovery app will help you heal faster, with less pain.

It’s more intuitive and easy to navigate than any app we’ve ever created – and this one offers complete customization. Join only the tribes that appeal to you and use any of our in-app tools for no additional fees.

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