“I created this app as part of my larger mission to help narcissistic abuse survivors discover, understand, overcome narcissistic abuse in toxic relationships, and then evolve and create the lives they want and deserve.” ~Angie Atkinson


  • To bring to you deeply innovative, groundbreaking narcissistic abuse recovery solutions. We are committed to working with you to get the help, support, and therapy you need so that you can find comfort, happiness, and love in your life.
  • To provide a safe place for survivors of Narcissistic Abuse to recover in their own time and on their own terms.
  • To give you the necessary tools, support, resources, and nudges that you need to recover YOUR WAY.


  • To be a peer-to-peer, community-based resource that provides supportive discussions and guided meditations to help you overcome the narcissist in your life and move forward with your healing.
  • To set you free, help you get back on your feet and live a happy, healthy life without the toxic energy and abuse that narcissists bring with them.

Who We Are

This app was designed by Angie Atkinson and is supported by the team at QueenBeeing.com.


For Survivors Only

This app was created with narcissistic abuse survivors in mind – and since it’s been created by and is supported by fellow survivors who are also experts in narcissistic abuse recovery, it’s designed to do exactly what it says: to support and guide you on your journey from the darkness in the deepest depths of your pain into the light and peace you’ll find on the other side of recovery.

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